Some projects I have been working on

Here you can look at some of my current projects

This is only a sneak-peak. Feel free to send me a message if you have questions or want to ask me anything related to my projects or skills.

Climate Strike Banner

This was a very spontaneous project. It's a webapp for creating a customized and smart banner (modal) which are meant to be used for striking online. Have a look yourself:

Impact Hub Germany

I have built the website from the ground up. It´s a static but interactive site with special details in design and interactivity.

Workshop Galerie

This website I built for the company where I am also working as a part-time project manager and Tech-Lead. The time to built it was very limited but at the end, the result is a nice & slick website.

Airtable Templates

I build and offer professional free and paid Airtable Templates. You can find the free versions on The Airtable Universe.I currently also offer two professional templates for small companies and freelancer templates. One for Invoicing (Preview) and the other one for HR-Management (Preview). I offer them currently on Creative Market

Process Automation & Workflows

For Impact Hub Dresden I created several Airtable Bases which automate & support the workflow and processes of HR, Marketing, Daily Operations, Team-Password-Management, and more. The HR Base functions as HR Management with things like: Employment Contract Management, Staff Interview Scheduling & Planning, Application Management, Contract Print Option, Vacation Tracking and Administration, Device Management and more.

Collab & Couch Coworking

This was one of the projects where I learned the most in terms of entrepreneurial mindset. I have co-founded a local 300 m² coworking space with a total budget less than 12.000€. I don´t even know how this was possible when I think back.

Laguna Onlineshop

This was the first bigger project I built. I sold it to a friend at a super early stage. It seems to be working, since the onlineshop is still running. This makes me really happy!

Automated Contract Management

For a client I developed an Airtable database which tracks and updates automatically all their contracts for their clients. This includes contract renewal, invoice preview & creation as well as connection to billing software via Zapier & Make, status checks, contract pauses, discounts, and more.

Restaurant Menu Webapp

A small app-like restaurant menu. Through things like instant site changes and intuitive swipe navigation the user gets an app-like experience. (Gosea Webapp (work in progress))

Mind Trainer Wordpress Plugin

A client wanted to integrate a mind trainer logic into his WordPress site where you can transform your negative thoughts into positive ones.(

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