Some projects I have been working on

Here you can look at some of my current projects

This is only a sneak-peak. Feel free to send me a message if you have questions or want to ask me anything related to my projects or skills.

Climate Strike Banner

This was a very spontaneous project. It's a webapp for creating a customized and smart banner (modal) which are meant to be used for striking online. Have a look yourself:

Impact Hub Germany

I have build the website from the ground up. It´s a static but interactive site with special details in design and interactivity.

Workshop Galerie

This website I built for the company where I am also working as a project manager. The time to built it was very limited but at the end, the result is a nice & slick website.

Community App Prototype

This is a project I am currently working on. In the near future, I might be able to post more information about it.

Process Automation

I can not share details since I do this for companies but what I basically do is a mixture out of the following: I automate annoying and time-consuming processes in a lean, quick and very efficient way.

Collab & Couch Coworking

This was one of the projects where I learned the most. I have co-founded a local coworking with a budget less than 12.000€. I don´t even know how this was possible when I think back.

Laguna Onlineshop

This was the first bigger project I built. I sold it to a friend at a super early stage. It seems to be working, since the onlineshop is still running. This makes me really happy!

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