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Passionate Entrepreneur & Freelancer

I have a big passion for early stage businesses (startups) and young projects which are purpose-driven and are run by heart-wired people.

Rapid prototyping

My super-powers seem to be my natural habit to make use of the 80/20 rule and easily improvise. This lets me create and finalize complex projects in less time than most people by maintaining (very) good quality, 80% that is.

Prototype Tech Stack

My main tech stack includes JavaScript/TypeScript with fable for Svelte.js as Frontend-Framework, Node.js, Golang & Firebase (Backend) as well as Bash (Linux) and tools like Airtable, Zapier, MeisterTask, Gravit Designer, Adobe XD, WordPress, Google Apps and some others. I am always keen to get to know new tools.

Project Management

After founding two companies, I have learned project management in a more "hands-on" way. I am still working as a part-time project manager at Impact Hub Dresden. This is one of the companies I have co-founded.

Social Skills & Marketing

I am a very social person, and therefore I'm training my social skills on a daily basis. Since I started to work more remote, my social skills for remote work are growing. I am also responsible for Marketing in my current part-time job.

Process Automation

I love to automate things. This doesn't necessarily mean that I do automate everything. The idea is more to automate some processes, so that you can spend time more quality time on the things which really matter in your project.

Web Development

In the last couple of years, I expanded my knowledge a lot and become a freelancer in web development. My focus is the development of prototypes as well es leading small teams to create a quality MVP.

Some other facts about me

I am very connected to the Impact Hub Network. I still work part-time for Impact Hub Dresden.


My languages

Just recently I learned Spanish and this way I rediscovered my passion for languages. I still want to learn two more languages. One of them is a bit more exotic, it's Indonesian. I have great memories of Indonesia and I just love their people and food.


What I like to do

Things what make me happy are sports like surfing, skating, snowboard as well as crossfit, spending time with friends & familiy, traveling, reading (esspecially budismn histories) and last but not least learning. Of course there are more, but these popped up first in my mind.


Favorite location

Right now, I spend a lot of time in San Sebasti√°n, in Spain. I really like it here. In 2023 or 2024 I might like to spend some time in Indonesia. But this could change anytime since I dont like to plan ahead too much. I rather see where life takes me in some kind of way.


I love traveling

I do really love traveling. But when I say traveling, I refer more to spend longer periods in other countries. I also like short-term travel but I do like more having time to get to know the people, culture and also some parts of the local language.

Leave me a message if you want to get in contact with me.


I am traveling a lot.

Currently I am in Spain


Julian von Gebhardi


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