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An Airtable Template which makes writing an invoice a piece of cake and actually enjoyable. I will add more highly advanced Airtable Templates in the next couple of months. You can already see the categories I am working on.

HR and Contract-Management comming soon!

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Looking for Airtable-Template to create your invoices?

The only Airtable Template you need for invoices & offers (quotes).

🔥 All these functions have been carefully implemented by having in mind, only using the free version of Airtable. It took me more than 500 hours to build it. You can have it for a one-time-fee of only 29€ instead of paying monthly fees for other invoicing software.

Price: 29,00€ (plus 19% tax).

(Reverse-Charge possible for European customer)
Checkout the template Just write me if you want to have it!

Or drop me an email to


🔥 Advanced structure & design
🔥 Automated numbering
🔥 Individual prefixes
🔥 Create invoices as well as offers (quotes)
🔥 Create multipage invoices & offers
🔥 Handle cancellation of invoices
🔥 Advanced discount management
🔥 Product management to integrate recurring products
🔥 Error/Status notifications to help you find missing fields
🔥 Easy to change date-formats depending on your local needs
🔥 100% freedom to further customize the template
🔥 Logic & design works 100% with the free plan of Airtable
🔥 Ability to have subversions of your company on the invoice (For example for sub-brands or some additional languages translations for specific customer)

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